4 ways to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

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There are many Australians who spend a majority of time in the workplace. Since we spend so much time amongst our colleagues we become familiar with their personalities, and whether they are feeling happy or down.The workplace is where some of the early signs of a mental health problem can be observed. So how do we approach a co-worker who may be experiencing a mental health concern?

Start a conversation

It is important to approach any person who may be experiencing a mental health concern in a sensitive and appropriate manner. Asking a colleague if they are okay over lunch can be what is needed to lighten someone’s mood. Even if they have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed, it can never hurt to check on how someone is doing! Start normalising conversations about mental health, without judgement or perceived stigma.

Be aware of available support services

If you recognise that the situation requires support that you are unable to provide, then it is best to redirect the individual to an appropriate professional. Keep in mind whether your organisation has mental health services, or any contact numbers that can be used to obtain support. Organisations such as Beyond Blue, SANE Australia and Headspace provide information about mental illnesses and directions to the relevant supports.

Practice self-care

Your own mental health is just as important as that of your co-workers. Practising healthy, regular self care is important for maintaining your own well-being when the stress of life gets overwhelming. Not to mention, having an hour each day to wind down improves your work efficiency and focus. Follow our tips to maintaining a self-care schedule at the Hero Town blog.

Enroll in MHFA for the Workplace

Mental Health First Aid for the Workplace is designed to adapt around a busy lifestyle. Participants work through the online component at their own place, and attend a 5 hour face-to-face session afterwards. The examples used throughout the course are drawn from workplace experiences with mental health, and are designed to be useful for employees and employers alike.

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