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In the age of technology, it means that we are more interconnected than ever. This also means that we have more access to mental health services than ever before. From information about mental illnesses to strategies for improving mental health, the resources we need are right at our fingertips. Here are Hero Town’s top three apps for helping with mental health.

BeyondBlue’s BeyondNow

A Safety Plan is a list of steps that is created with the help of a health professional in the event that you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviours. It can include tasks such as distracting activities, coping strategies, and contact details for support people.

BeyondNow takes all the information in your Safety Plan and puts it right into the palm of your hand. The plan can be accessed and edited from your phone, and the list can be sent to your emergency contacts if needed. The BeyondNow app can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store. The link to download is available at the BeyondBlue website. For desktop users, BeyondNow can also be used online.

Black Dog Institute’s Snapshot

This app is designed for users to monitor and measure factors that may be related to their anxiety or depression including mood, stress levels, and sleep. With evidence-based feedback, the app provides support and resources to help users to manage their symptoms and directs them to appropriate supports. You can download the app for iOS or Android at the Black Dog Institute Website.

BeyondBlue’s Check-In App

Talking about mental health with a friend can be a stressful and sometimes distressing situation. This app by BeyondBlue provides you with the steps and advice to navigate this conversation. It provides young people with examples of questions to ask, any warning signs they may have noticed and ways that they can support their friend. The Check-In App can be downloaded for your mobile device at the BeyondBlue website.

Headspace’s Mindfulness App

Is your New Year’s resolution to practice more mindfulness? This app by Headspace can help you stick to that goal. With a 10-day beginner’s course, the app can work with you through the basics and help you to develop a routine. Practicing mindfulness regularly can help create a sense of mental well-being and mental strength. The app can be downloaded at the Headspace website.

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