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If we take a trip down memory lane, you might remember the buzz about Hero Town’s official launch in November 2015. This was following the Hero Round Table with social psychology rockstar Dr. Phillip Zimbardo as the guest of honour. If you don’t happen to remember, then now is the perfect time to read for yourself the story that was written by Humans in Geelong. Much like Hero Town, Humans in Geelong has been busy at work in the meantime, and are preparing to launch the Humans in Geelong Expo on October 8th. The free community event event will bring together the Geelong public and features uplifting key speakers, displays, and live performances. The Expo promises to be a day of inspiring stories, thought-provoking workshops and fun activities for all ages.

So, what is Humans in Geelong?

A volunteer-led initiative, Humans in Geelong is dedicated to highlighting the positive and uplifting stories from the Geelong region. Too often, our newsfeeds are laden with reports that are distressing, upsetting and downright frightening. The wonderful volunteer writers, editors and photographers at Humans in Geelong seek to add a bit of light to that dreary landscape by highlighting stories of the amazing hard work done by leaders in our community.

Stories that are published by Humans in Geelong are focused on highlighting dedicated individuals who are working to create positive change in their community or inspiring others through their creativity. The stories of hope and opportunity range from the Rotary Club of Belmont’s dedication to supporting Headspace, to Jessica Pearce’s work providing accommodation for homeless people in Geelong, and Janne Kearney, a local artist who was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Whether individuals or charity organisations, the stories published by Humans in Geelong demonstrate extraordinary dedication to creating a vibrant, creative and supportive Geelong community. Hero Town’s own awesome admin assistant, Stephanie Downing, recently published a story on Humans in Geelong on Peter Doyle’s work building wooden skiffs with Syriac and Iranian refugees.

What is the Humans in Geelong Expo?

The Expo will be fun for everyone! Expect an excitement-filled day of workshops, speakers, activities, displays, magic and live music. Held on the stunning Geelong Waterfront, the event will feature guest speakers from previous Humans in Geelong stories such as Stephanie Woollard, a Rotarian and founder of Seven Women, and Peter Roberts, the only Music Thantologist in Australia.

Performances by brilliant local musicians Rach Brennan, Imogen Brough and With One Voice Choir will be one of many highlights of the day, along with prizes, free face painting and craft activities for the kids. There will be return appearances from Humans who have been written about by Humans in Geelong.

Studies indicate that the very act of giving back to the community boosts your happiness, health and sense of well-being. Promoting positive stories, spreads positivity!

So come along for a day of positivity and prepare to be inspired by locals who are making a difference in our community. The expo will run on Sunday October 8th from 10am to 3pm. Keep your spare change as there is a gold coin entry. It will be held at the Deakin Waterfront campus. The Humans in Geelong Expo is proudly sponsored by Deakin University, the City of Greater Geelong, Snap Geelong and Geelong Connected Communities.Algee Bear

How will Hero Town be involved?

Our fabulous founder Sylvia Gray will be one of the MC speakers in the expo. At 2:30 pm in classroom D2.205 at Deakin, Sylvia will be sharing her knowledge about social psychology, heroism and Mental Health First Aid. For the full program of the speakers and workshops, and to make your free bookings for the seminars, head over to the Humans in Geelong website.

Hero Town Geelong was also proud to be invited to host a table at the expo alongside the many other amazing community leaders in the Geelong region. We will have a table in the expo where we will have mind-bending puzzles that will challenge your knowledge of mental health and heroism. Enter for the chance to score an exclusive seat in one of our upcoming Youth Mental Health First Aid courses in Geelong. Look out for our stall and make sure to enter for the chance to win your very own ALGEE bear, the lovable mascot of the Mental Health First Aid program. And don’t forget to grab a chocolate during your visit to our table!

We will be looking forward to seeing you at the expo! Make sure to express your interest in the event on Facebook, and share it with your friends, so they can come along as well.  Don’t forget to say hi to us at the Hero Town Geelong table while you’re there!

Steph Downing
Stephanie Downing is the administrative assistant for Hero Town Geelong. Born and raised in Geelong, Australia, Stephanie is a graduate of Deakin University with her Honours degree in Professional and Creative Writing. She adores words of all sorts and is especially infatuated with the medium of poetry and fiction, with publications of her work being featured in magazines such as WORDLY Magazine, Plumwood Mountain Journal and Cordite Poetry Review.
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