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A young boy from Mandurah is being hailed as a hero after saving a toddler from a locked car.

WA Today has reported the incredible rescue by 7 year old Taj when a young toddler was accidentally locked in a car.

Officers at the scene were at a loss

The toddler’s father was horrified when he realised he had closed the car door with the keys still inside. The car’s automatic locking system kicked in, trapping the 3-year-old in the car seat unattended. As it was a hot day, it was imperative to rescue the child as soon as possible.

After arriving at the scene, police officers struggled with finding a solution. They soon realised that they could not smash the glass window, because the risk of hitting the toddler with shards was too great.

Taj and his mother happened to walk past

When Taj learned about the situation, he realised that he could use his small stature to his advantage. By climbing through a rear window, Taj was able to retrieve the keys and open the car without harming the toddler. The officers were so impressed with the young hero’s quick thinking that they presented him with a certificate of appreciation.

At the assembly, officers Jamie Raper and Ross Lindquist were proud to report Taj’s calm demeanor and courage during the stressful situation. Although to shy to speak himself, Sergeant Raper says that he was impressed by Taj’s ability to follow instructions under high pressure.

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