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One’s wedding day is traditionally a day that celebrates a couple and their love. It is a day that demands a large amount of preparation and expenses, so many understandably refer to their wedding as “your day”. In a remarkably selfless act, then, one groom in Canada has turned that on its head with his heroic actions.

Clayton Cook was in the middle of a photo shoot when he noticed the child in need

Three children had been following the couple through the park as they took photos, observing the happy couple. One of the children suddenly vanished, and Cook left the photo shoot to investigate. When Cook noticed the boy struggling in the water, he wasted no time before jumping in himself. The photographer at the scene, Darren Hatt, commented that Cook acted quickly to bring the boy safely to shore. In turn, Hatt’s quick reflexes allowed him to document the extraordinary event. The photos have been shared on Hatt’s Facebook page, and have received an outpouring of praise and appreciation for Cook’s actions.

The heroic action saved the life of a young boy

Thanks to Cook’s quick thinking, the boy survived unscathed. Cook’s bride, Brittany commented that she originally thought Cook had jumped into the lake as a prank, but then she realised he was saving someone’s life. Brittany commented on her new husband’s life-saving actions:

If we weren’t in the right place at the right time, things may have gone differently and perhaps even tragically… That’s Clay to me, it’s something he would just instinctively do.

Cook’s reaction time was so swift in the moment that by the time that his wife had noticed and called out, he had already brought the child to shore. According to reports, the child was shaken but unharmed.

It was Cook’s awareness that allowed him to recognise a need for a hero

While the children had been trailing the wedding proceedings, Cook had been keeping an eye on their safety. Noticing they were a little too close to the water, Cook was already aware of what had happened when one of the children disappeared from sight. In his own account the act seems quite mundane, but the reality is an inspiring act of heroism

His face was under water and he was fighting, like he was really fighting. Luckily, he was only a little guy and I sort of hopped him up.

Cook’s observational skills and awareness of his surroundings allowed him to step up when the situation called for a hero. For more inspirational stories of heroism and selflessness, like Hero Town Geelong on Facebook.

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