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Today’s everyday hero is a man who overcame the bystander effect and was the only respondent in an accident. The story was published in December by Big Rigs, who noted that Simon’s heroic actions saved the life of young Callum Simpson.

Callum was riding his bike at night when he went flying

The 14 year old was riding home along a busy road when the tennis racquet he was holding got caught between the spokes and caused him to fall. Callum hit the curb and bounced back up, although he reported later that he had no memory of what happened. Simon observed the crash and stopped to take Callum to the hospital.

“I really hate to think what if he’d got back on his bike and tried to fix things for himself,” Callum’s mother, Vanessa, said. She notes that when Callum was able to call her, he sounded shaky and unwell. If Simon hadn’t thought to help, Callum may have tried to make his way home alone and possibly concussed.

Simon overcame the bystander effect to come to Callum’s aid

Vanessa acknowledged that several factors, such as Callum’s age and his apparent recovery, may have prevented bystanders from helping him. However, she was incredibly grateful for Simon’s ability to look past these obstacles and realise that a child had been in an accident and required assistance. Vanessa said to Big Rigs:

…a few seconds out of your day can go a really long way to helping people out and people like Simon, that are really wonderful in our community, it makes it stronger and I’m really grateful to them.

Simon spoke to 3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell

When he was asked why he stopped to help and didn’t just keep driving, Simon’s answer was very simple: “Why not?” As he said to Vanessa at the time of the accident, Simon emphasised that we should be taking care of each other’s children “as if they were our own”. Simon’s community-minded perspective and his caring heart make him a wonderful example of an everyday hero.

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