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A Perth man happened to be enjoying a crepe at the night markets when the Bunnings store burst into flames. What Zoran Blagaich did next has earned him the title of Everyday Hero.

Blagaich jumped at the call to action

WA Today reported that when Blagaich heard the cries for help from the nearby houses, he instinctively ran towards the scene. Vaulting over five fences, Blagaich didn’t hesitate to pick up a hose and joined the effort to hold back the flames. Blagaich and another respondent were able to delay the fire from reaching the houses for 15 minutes until fire crews arrived.

He warned residents about the danger

Videos from the scene showed the fires raging over the fence next to the residential properties. Danger was imminent, with barrels exploding and shrapnel flying through neighbouring windows, raining shards of glass. Spray cans from the Bunnings store were transformed into explosives, shooting into the air and landing in backyards up to 100 metres away. In the video, Blagaich can be heard telling residents to beware of projectiles and to prepare to evacuate their homes.

Fire crews got the inferno under control

It took up to 80 firefighters to bring the fires under control, which lasted from 9pm until around midnight. Residents remained evacuated until the next day. Smoke and hazardous fumes lingered in the area, and eventually the Bunnings collapsed entirely. Thanks to Blagaich’s valiant efforts, many residential houses were saved from utter destruction. Blagaich was left shaken and humbled by the event, saying that:

I don’t know what to think at the moment, all I wanted to do was help, it was natural instinct to help

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