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Author, public speaker and self-proclaimed “professional troublemaker” Luvvie Ajayi gave a powerful Ted Talk in 2017 about the power of speaking up. Ajavi shares three important questions to ask yourself when you feel the need to stand up.

About Ajayi’s 14 year writing career

Ajayi is the voice behind her humor blog Awesomely Luvvie, which covers topics from political commentary, movie reviews, to her podcast Rants and Randomness. Her debut book was released in 2016, titled I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual. The book is pitched as a “guide to modern manners”, and contains a collection of Ajayi’s essays on popular culture and insightful commentary. Interestingly, Ajayi speaks about how she did not consider herself a writer before the publication of her book, despite having worked on her blog for nine years. Ajayi refused to let fear of failure dictate her life, and this is a driving force her Ted Talk.

Be the domino that falls

Using her personal experiences, Ajayi talks about how she identified the things that terrified her, such as skydiving, and did them anyway. Staying in the plane, Ajayi argues, is staying in one’s comfort zone. Being comfortable maintains the status quo, and nothing gets changed. That is why, Ajayi says, we need to speak hard truths to power when it’s necessary to do so.

For a line of dominoes to fall,one has to fall first,which then leaves the other choiceless to do the same.And that domino that falls,we’re hoping that, OK,the next person that sees this is inspired to be a domino.

Ajayi herself was a domino when she spoke up about unequal pay at a conference she was asked to speak at. Knowing that objecting to she risked financial loss if she spoke out, Ajayi acted anyway. Doing so inspired many other women to come forward to speak about their experiences with discriminatory pay, creating a conversation that would have been swept under the rug otherwise.

By standing together, we become more powerful

For Ajayi, everyone’s well-being is community business and that we should support and empower each other. This involves boosting voices that have trouble being heard. We all have the potential to be the domino that starts the chain reaction. Ajayi urges her listeners to become comfortable with being uncomfortable with her three-step technique:

  1.  Did you mean it?
  2. Can you defend it?
  3. Did you say it with love?

Avayi says that if you can say “yes” to all three questions, then what you have to say is worth saying. The more people who chose to speak for the greater good, the better the world will become.

So it is our job,it is our obligation, it is our dutyto speak truth to power, to be the domino,not just when it’s difficult —especially when it’s difficult.

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View Luvvie Ajayi’s Ted Talk


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