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Our inner nerds were jumping for joy when we discovered that a specialty superhero store exists! The Superhero Supply Co. has everything you need to get out there and save the day from the forces of evil.

Situated in Brooklyn, the store even has their own wind machine so you can feel like you’re soaring through the sky like… a bird? A plane? Superhero Supply CompanyThey have everything from swirling capes to utility belts, to a mask to hide your secret identity. What, do you mean taking off your glasses doesn’t count as a disguise?

The Superhero Supply Co is a Non-Profit Organisation

It’s actually a shopfront for 826NYC, a tutoring service that assist 4,000 children in New York each year. The funds received from the Superhero Supply goes to helping kids develop their literacy skills. 826NYC’s mission is to use the superpower of writing to empower students to engage and “write their own paths forward”. By fostering a new generation of creative writers and thinkers, 826NYC aims to create a better future.

826NYC proves that the pen is mightier than the sword

The tutors at 826NYC engage underprivileged students in Brooklyn to explore their creative side, and provides them with a creative outlet they might not have access to otherwise. Services range from story-themed field trips, to tutoring sessions both after school and in schools. Workshops are held to teach kids about fun and educational topics, to more serious subjects such as bullying. All of these programs are run by volunteers who have dedicated time out of their own lives to deliver literacy and creative resources to young people.

Now, those are the real heroes!

Our team at Hero Town are deeply impressed by the work that 826NYC and the Superhero Supply Company are doing, and we would like to honour them as Everyday Heroes. Their dedication to helping young people, and the love for the work that they do, make them a wonderful example of Heroism. Thanks to the Huffington Post for this exciting discovery, now we wish we were jetting off to Brooklyn for some heroic escapades!

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Steph Downing
Stephanie Downing is the administrative assistant for Hero Town Geelong. Born and raised in Geelong, Australia, Stephanie is a graduate of Deakin University with her Honours degree in Professional and Creative Writing. She adores words of all sorts and is especially infatuated with the medium of poetry and fiction, with publications of her work being featured in magazines such as WORDLY Magazine, Plumwood Mountain Journal and Cordite Poetry Review.
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