“Most people want to take effective action in challenging situations; they just don’t know how.”

Dr Philip Zimbardo


Every ordinary person has the power to do extraordinary things.

We all have the ability to fight the pull of the status quo and take action.

Whether the call to adventure is to change our own lives or to improve our community or the world, Hero Town helps prepare you for these moments.

Hero Town conducts workshops that empower individuals to create positive change in themselves, their community, and the world.

Not only will participants leave with new knowledge and tools for progress, as well as new group of heroes in training from which each individual can draw strength in times of challenge.



Participants come to recognise life is not a random assortment of positive, negative, and meaningless events; rather, it is a pattern of transformation that manifests in our lives as change and growth. The hero’s journey gives individuals a sense of agency and control over their lives and outcomes of their actions. Participants recognize that they are the authors – and heroes – of their own story. They learn to assign meaning to seemingly meaningless instances of hardship, challenges, and setbacks by valuing them as learning experiences and ways to gain new skills and insight.

” Good heroes use the power of transformation not only to change themselves for the better, but also to transform the world”

Scott Allison

Our mindsets – the set of rational or irrational beliefs we have about our abilities – profoundly affect the fulfilment of our potential. Mindsets impact how much (or how little) we pursue and achieve as they can become prophecies that are either self-limiting or self-propelling. In this workshop individuals will learn how mindsets form and how to shift beliefs that can be inhibitive or destructive. They also learn how to redefine the experiences of failure, anxiety, feedback, and challenge.


” A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”

Christopher Reeve


Most individuals involved in ambiguous situations are not “victims” or “perpetrators,” but quiet, inactive bystanders. Instead of condemning destructive behaviours from a small few, we use the energizing and inspirational function of heroic action to engage and mobilise the bystander majority for good. Engaging the majority shifts the social norms. We discuss automatic human tendencies and social influences that shape our daily lives. We review the bystander effect and how the nature of ambiguous situations can inhibit action. Participants will leave the workshop with change-making strategies to increase their self-awareness, overcome the power of the situation, and take effective action.

“The opposite of a hero is not a villain; it’s a bystander”

Matt Langdon

Mindfulness is the purposeful practice of exercising attention, resilience, and mental strength to remain in the present with a curious and receptive mindset. This course covers various techniques to support you in building your own mindfulness toolbelt. You will experience and explore a variety of practices, ultimately discovering which best suit your personality and which work best for you at different times. The sessions are very practical, with participants able to incorporate the exercises into their lives immediately.


“The practice of mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now.”

James Baraz



  • Introduction to all four topics
    • Hero’s Journey
    • Mindset
    • Mindfulness
    • Social Resilience
  • Access to Hero Spot (online resources and community)

Three-day workshops

  • In-depth exploration of all four topics
    • Hero’s Journey
    • Mindset
    • Mindfulness
    • Social Resilience
  • Guided implementation planning
  • Access to Hero Spot (online resources and community)

Custom workshops

  • Consultation with training experts to create a program to suit your workplace or organization
  • Common requests include alterations to duration and/or materials
  • Ideal for schools, sporting teams and organisations with a professional development/training schedule
  • Access to HeroSpot (online resources and community)
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