Everyday Heroes: Grace Creenaune and Erica Montgomery

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Today’s everyday heroes are two young lifeguards who saved a man from drowning in a Victorian river. Grace Creenaune and Erica Montgomery jumped into action after being alerted by the man’s friend, 9 News reports.

The two lifeguards were working at a nearby water park

Creenaune and Montgomery, 17 and 15 years old respectively, were on duty at a water park near the scene. The two gentlemen were refused entry into the park because they had consumed alcohol. Following this, the two men proceeded to dive off a bridge into the river below. They soon realised they had made a mistake, and floundered in the water. The eldest of the two recovered himself and rushed to the water park, alerting the officials there.

Creenaune and Montgomery leapt to save the day

The lifeguards were quick to the young man’s aid, grabbing a flotation device and swimming out to the 19 year old before he suffocated. As they were helping the man to the shore, Creenaune observed that he was completely unconscious. Thanks to Creenaune and Montgomery’s initiative and training, the young man’s life was rescued and is expected to make a full recovery.

The young women were lauded for their efforts

Leading Yarrawonga Senior Contable Welsh praised Creenaune and Montgomery for their quick thinking and decisive action. He said:

I believe if not for their courage and efforts, the incident could have resulted in a very different outcome

Officers at the scene are recommending for the two young ladies to be recognised for their valiant efforts. Even with all the attention, Creenaune and Montgomery were admirably humble. They may not see themselves as such, but we at Hero Town see Creenaune and Montgomery as excellent examples of Everyday Heroes.

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